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Comics Against Racism

The project is aimed at promoting an active role of youngsters in fighting against racism, by strengthening their ability to analyse the mechanisms of construction of stereotypes and to react to racist and discriminatory attitudes and speech. To allow youngsters to understand, through arts and entertainment, the existence of stereotypes and to make them ineffective by using humour, will remove one of the main obstacles to the integration among future generations and will contribute to the creation of an inclusive society.


Training courses:
There will be a two week training course about stereotypes and prejudices targeted to young artists attending comics and graphic arts training centres and Art institutes.


There will be workshops held at upper secondary art schools and youth centres, which will be carried out by young artists with the cooperation of senior trainers.

Catalogue and comics & machinimas exhibition:

There will be a exibition of the works of students and famous artists, which will be shown in festivals in Italy, Germany and France.

The final event:
It will be at the International Forum for Animation Technologies in Angoulême (France) and it will include: comics and machinimas exhibition, live performances, a thematic workshop about the use of comics and other forms of art in fighting against racism, with the participation of young people involved in the project and coming from Italy, Germany and France.

January 2010 – July 2011


This project is funded by the EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme and organized by COSPE (Italy) in co-operation with Pistes-Solidaires (France), jfc Medienzentrum (Germany) and Scuola Internazionale di Comics – Accademia delle Arti figurative e digitali (Italy).

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EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme

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